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Phoenix Transcription Services

Phoenix Transcription Services

If you are looking for a Phoenix transcription company, Cornerstone Medical Transcription offers reliable transcription services for all industries. From law enforcement and medical to legal and church, we pride ourselves on providing transcription reports that are 99.9% accurate and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by digital dictation access.

Each Phoenix transcriptionist we have is tested to meet our strict transcription guidelines. Our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them with every transcription report we create for you. We work closely with each transcriber to ensure they know the specific terminology related to your transcription request, and every transcription report is completely customizable.

Phoenix Transcription Services

Cornerstone Medical Transcription offers a variety of high quality Phoenix transcription services including:

Legal and Medicolegal Transcription - When you want Phoenix transcription services that are not only affordable, but accurate, too, Cornerstone Medical Transcription has you covered. Whether you need a Phoenix transcriptionist for interview transcripts, depositions, court tapes, or anything else, we will provide you with superior transcription reports every time.

Church Transcription - If you are ready to spend more time with your congregation, Phoenix transcription just might be for you. Cornerstone Medical Transcription is available for church transcription, from sermons to Bible study, and we can handle any special Phoenix transcription request you might have.

Medical Transcription - Medical professionals looking for Phoenix transcription services will be happy to know that Cornerstone Medical Transcription offers high quality transcription services to all medical fields, from pediatrics to geriatrics, and everything in between. Every transcriptionist we hire maintains our strict 99.9% accuracy standards.

Behavioral Health Transcription - As a Phoenix transcription company, we are proud to provide our clients with exceptional transcription services at rates you can afford. We are able to handle any behavioral health or mental health transcription request, from psychiatry to psychology. Every Phoenix transcriber we utilize will provide you with completely customizable transcription reports with 24/7 digital dictation access.

Law Enforcement Transcription and Dictation - We provide Phoenix transcription services for law enforcement agencies. Our state-of-the-art transcription equipment allows us to provide you with digital dictation access and we are HIPAA compliant.

Media and Market Research Transcription - Inadequate Phoenix transcription services can cause major problems for those in the media and market research transcription industries. The professionals at Cornerstone Medical Transcription understand this, and that is why we offer a 99.9% accuracy rate and fast turnaround times.

Independent Medical Exam and Insurance Exam Transcription - Cornerstone Medical Transcription has been providing transcription services for many years. We offer Phoenix transcription services to a variety of clients, including those looking for independent medical exam and insurance exam transcription.

Phoenix EMR and EHR Transcription Information

EMR and EHR - With the passing of the new healthcare bill, some medical professionals are needlessly spending time worrying about its potential negative consequences on their practices. We know that spending more time with patients is the ultimate goal of physicians, and Cornerstone Medical Transcription wants to help you achieve that. With our quality Phoenix transcription services, you will not have to choose between dictation and EMR and EHR equipment.

Phoenix Transcription Contact Information

For more Phoenix transcription service information or to get started, call Cornerstone Medical Transcription today at (623) 878-2014. You can also reach us with any Phoenix transcription service questions through the contact form provided below.

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